My Story

I am an International Wedding Photographer.  

I am an adventurer.

I am a lover of Wildlife.

I have travelled to all 7 continents.

I've been to Antarctica twice.

I worked at Disney for 10 years.

I have a background in Event Management.

I have been photographing weddings for over 10 years.

I shoot portraits at weddings in 10-15 minutes max.

I've run 15 marathons without ever training.

I like to think I tell good jokes... I don't. I will apologize now. 

I'm always looking to do something new & unique.

I've just started to learn to play the ukulele. 

I've swam with Great Whites, Killer Whales, Manatees, Dolphins, Seals, and Humpbacks. I am a lover of the Sea.

My 5 year plan is to shoot a wedding on every continent. (I have already checked off Antarctica). 

I got married to My best friend 5 years ago in New Orleans. All because I heard you could have a parade. 

I do anything and everything for the perfect shot. 

I love a good IPA or a glass of Malbec. 

I can be quite the Chatty one sometimes.