Destination Antarctica

Antarctica is a very special place... Literally a whole new world. Since the wildlife has never had to worry about humans killing them they are very curious. In South Georgia there are islands with tens of thousands of King Penguins... You are literally surrounded by them. There is no feeling like standing in the wild of wildlife in it's true natural habitat. 


Falkland Islands

Beautiful Scenery. An English Colony. Albatross's gracefully flying through the sky. Rockhopper, Magellanic, Gentoo, & Macaroni Penguins


South Georgia

Dramatic Landscapes. Elephant & Fur Seals by the thousands. Barking Babies by your toes. 500,000 pairs of King Penguins. Migrating birds. 


antartica & the Ice

Massive Floating Ice Bergs. Weather Changes in a minute. Beautiful Mountains. Snow deeper then my body. Adelie, Gentoo, & Chinstrap Penguins. Leopard Seals. A full working Post Office. Pure Beauty.