Maryland Wedding Photography- Top of the Bay Wedding-Lindsay & Matt

I met Lindsey & Matt when they were made into Zombies for Lauren & Nick's Wedding. (Lauren may hold the record for one of my most photographed clients. ) While they were getting their make-up done and baby oil in her hair they were actually in the process of finding out if they were going to get a house that they placed a bid on. 

One house and three dogs later Matt finally proposed to Lindsey! I'm not going to lie, when certain couples that I love get engaged I secretly (and semi patiently) wait for them to write me about their wedding. 

Lindsey & Matt had a really interesting way that they met... She was a 911 operator (now works in records for a police station)... He is a Maryland cop. Matt saw her at Wawa one day after having a few life changing months. He told himself that he needed to go up and say hi to this girl... So he did. When they first met, Lindsey had a boyfriend so Matt patiently waited "randomly" running into Lindsey at Wawa. Finally, she was single and he made his move... The rest is history. 

They got married at Top of the Bay in the Aberdeen Proving grounds. It was a beautiful wedding. Lindsey and her girls went with a pin-up style. Their make-up was done by the amazingly talented Leana Stewart. 


After the wedding was over we went over to the same Wawa that they met at... and we just happened to run into some local officers who allowed us to use the lights from their cars to add to the photos. 

Travel Adventures... Fulfilling my bucket list

I'm getting ready to head out on my next big adventure back to Antarctica but in the meantime I wanted to share with you some pieces from my past adventures over the last 15 months. 

My goal is to travel the world and witness wildlife in it's natural habitat before it's gone. In the past 3 years I have been crossing locations off my list like crazy. Next on my list is... 

Walrus- The Arctic 

Lemurs- Madagascar

Orangutan- Sumatra 

Destination Bahamas Wedding- One & Only Resort- Oksana & Brian

Welcome to Paradise... Or the One & Only Resort in the Bahama's ! This is probably up there for one of the most beautiful venues I have ever photographed. The ruins and garden alone are a photographers dream come true. 

Oksana & Brian have a common love for the Beach so when they got engaged they knew they had to find the perfect beach location for their wedding. They searched all over the Caribbean and Central America and came across the One & Only and were instantly sold. 

Their officiant Matthew was amazing and really go to know the couple before the ceremony so that he could tie their story into the service. When asked why do you want to spend the rest of your life with Brian... Oksana answered:

"I see Brian as a wonderful life partner, a friend and a father.
Fortunately we have very similar values about education, raising children, money, and what’s important in life. Because of this, we really do not argue and we do not agonize over things. We came to our decisions by just realizing that we have the same goals in life. We share the same views on honesty and loyalty that are very important to us. The one thing we both agree on is keeping commitments. That justifies a foundation for a long-term relationship.

I look forward to life with Brian and to be able to learn, grow, change, manifest new results in our life together. I RESPECTED HIM a great deal because of the above"

Enjoy their wedding adventure !

Richmond Wedding Photography- Erin & Bryan

I met Erin and Bryan at Sarah & Matt's Wedding last year. She came up to me during cocktail hour and told me that they just got engaged and were looking for a photographer. I was so excited when a few month's later they contacted me and booked me to be their photographer. 

Erin & Bryan live in Richmond and I love Richmond so there was no twisting of my arm to go down there for an Engagement shoot. We hit up Maymont Park which is one of my favorite spots... (even if it was hotter then hot! ) . Then we went over by the water and found some really awesome graffiti spots for photos! Of course no engagement session would be complete without a celebratory beer to say we made it through the day! 

Their Story (From their Wedding Website)

Our first date was probably the most awkward evening of my life. However, as I was driving home that night, I couldn't help but feel that I had just met someone very special. We talked all week and with each conversation, I knew that there was something there that I needed to explore. When he invited me to visit him in North Carolina the weekend after we met, I (very uncharacteristically) agreed. I was both incredibly nervous and excited to see him again. After that weekend, we spoke all the time and visited each other whenever we could. I fell deeply in love very quickly but in the back of my mind kept thinking of his post-Air Force plans. When Bryan decided to move to Virginia instead of Georgia, I couldn't have been happier. This decision and professional sacrifice showed that he must have felt the same way about me as I felt about him. Once we were able to see each other every day and learned to live together, our love grew exponentially. I knew I would be beyond happy and incredibly lucky if I could spend the rest of my life with him.