Frequently Asked Questions


How Many Photographers do you work with?

I am the sole photographer for Kathleen Hertel Photography. If you book a weddingwith me I will be the one photographing it. Depending on your wedding I do offer the option to add on additional photographers. I have 4 second shooters that I have worked with over the past 5 years. They are all trained to shoot my style of photography for the Just in Case moments. Their job specifically is to capture the groom and groomsmen getting ready and then any and all journalistic moments that occur during your wedding.


Do you have back-up equipment?

I come to every wedding with 3 cameras, 3 flashes, and multiple lens.  Electronics have a mind of their own and will malfunction. I have had camera’s break before and it’s an easy transition for me to just grab my second camera and start shooting.


Do you Travel?

Absolutely !!! I will only take up to 5 Destination Weddings per year. I travel frequently all over Maryland, Virginia, DC, New York, New Jersey, & Pennsylvania for weddings. There is a $250 Travel fee for all weddings over a 2.5 hour drive from Baltimore. This covers a hotel for the night before & after your wedding.


Do you offer any discounts?

The only discounts I offer is 10% for Military, police, & firefighters.  I do offer payment plans that can extend up to 3 months after your wedding.


What is the turnaround for images?

In your contract I have up to 90 days. However, I typically turn weddings around in 4-6 weeks and Engagement sessions in 2-3 weeks.


Do you offer Albums?

Yes, in fact I encourage my couples to get an album. This will ensure that you have a permanent keepsake from your wedding that will tell your love story. My albums all have a 3 year price guarantee which means you have 3 years from the day you sign your contract and the album price will remain the same.  (Average $1000)


How much editing do you do?

Every image I provide you is edited. It is sharpened and given my special color pop to make your images stand out. Otherwise I will do minor editing. Honestly, we may be able to use photoshop to fix something here or there, but …. we believe that you should only use Photoshop to enhance a photo (if at all), not to change its composition.  I may be able to photoshop what you want, there is often an additional cost associated with it. Retouching takes time – and time costs money. Please don’t rely on me to fix things that aren’t right for you – if you don’t like your hair, exit signs in your venue, or your great aunt’s glasses – that needs to be addressed before your wedding.


Can I see the Reject Photos?

I spend a great deal of time making sure I’m delivering a perfect finished product. Meaning there are many things that may need to be culled out of the whole event (things like light tests, blinking and bad faces). Please TRUST me to best present the final masterpiece. PLUS! It’s part of my  job to narrow down all of these photos for you! ;)


Can I give you a list of specific shots I want?

Yes, I will give you a very detailed checklist to fill out. This will help me to make sure I get all the must have family & friend photos.


Can you do this Pinterest photo?

I will never duplicate a fellow photographers work but I can put my own creative spin on the image. Keep in mind sometimes it’s impossible to create an image similar to that you see on pinterst. A lot of them require a certain lighting we call the Golden Hour.


Can we print the images ourselves?

Yes! You will be able to download all the images directly from the website I send you. I recommend using .


Can Friends & Family take photos at our wedding?

I don’t mind if people are taking photos at your wedding. However, I don’t allow additional photographers that are not working for my company to take images during the portraits. The reason being in order to move quickly and efficiently through your photos I need everyone to pay attention to my camera not the other camera’s over my shoulder.


What is the best time for our ceremony?

Your ceremony time dictates the rest of the photography timing for the day. If you want photos with sunlight of you and your spouse, and don’t want a first look, then your ceremony should start at least 90 minutes before sunset (for typical 30 minute wedding ceremonies and with no travel time between ceremony and where you want your photos to be taken).  Once the light is gone, it’s gone – so pay close attention to sunset time on your actual wedding day (don’t forget about Daylight Savings!). Golden Hour is the most highly requested time to shoot (think sunset photos), and this is a very short span of time directly before sunset, assuming it’s not overcast or raining. When we meet we will map out your day so it can start some of the conversations about lighting, timing, first look and expectations for your final photos!