Northern Lights

If you have never seen the Northern Lights before you are missing out !  It is hands down the most beautiful show I've ever seen. We went up to Tromso, Norway to see the lights. Remember it's just as easy not to see the lights as it is to see them. Plan at least 5 days and go out every night. We saw them 2 out of 5 nights.  

Chasing Orca's

The whole reason for my trip to Norway was to snorkel with Orca's. And it was quite the amazing experience. There is nothing quite like being in the water with these stunning creatures and hearing them sing and talk along with humpbacks. There were hundreds of Orcas just swimming along with us. It was a moment I will never forget. 


People & Places

Traveling through Norway in December.

Sled Dogs

Dog Sledding is not just a fun thing to do but a way of life in Norway. 


Beauty is in the Frost