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"I never knew of a morning in Africa that I did not wake up Happy... " - Ernest Hemingway

Africa is a very special place. Years ago before I went to Africa for the first time I was told that Africa is a place you can't go to just once. You will become addicted. You will fall in love. They were so right. For the past 5 years I've gone to somewhere and East or South Africa every year for at least a month. It's not just the wildlife that you will fall in love with. It's the people, the sounds, the landscapes, and the food. 

As soon as I arrive my worries and stresses from home are gone. I am on a new adventure. One that has unlimited possibilities everyday. While we have a plan we never know what we are going to see that day. We may be on safari and see a wildebeest give birth. We may see a pride of lions on a hunt or most likely sleeping. We may see a herd of elephants playing in the mud and dust or Gorillas and Chimps at such a close range your heart will skip a beat. Everyday is completely different. Every encounter is new (except sleeping lions... you will see lots of sleeping lions !) .

I knew it was time to share my adventures with others so starting in 2019 I will be offering Wildlife Photography Tours. These tours were carefully curated based on places I have been to multiple times. Our guide in Tanzania is the BEST guide I have ever had. (And I have been on our 150 safari's between Africa and India). Our Guide in Kenya is a close second and he is also a Maasai. You will be able to learn all about the Maasai culture and visit active tribes. 

I will be offering Photography classes and assistances throughout the tours. Both out safari guides have worked with photographers before and know how to line the trucks up to get the best shots. We are traveling in small groups of 6 plus myself and the guide so that everyone has their own window and area to shoot out of. 

On the Kenya trip there is opportunity for Cultural Documentary Photography, and portrait sessions on our in between time. We will also be doing some conservation photography and meeting with Rangers who protect the Rhino population. 

Going to Africa is not cheap so I wanted to make sure that I put everything that you will love into one trip. Just in case you can't get back to Africa. You will... But just in case. 

For 2019 I have two Trips that are available 

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Ultimate Kenya Photography Tour

January 2-13 , 2019  - Ultimate Kenya Photography Tour


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Ultimate Africa Photography Tour - Tanzania & Uganda


January 14-27 , 2019  - Ultimate Kenya Photography Tour


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