Life on the Mekong Delta- Photography by Kathleen Ricker

This is a bit of a Throwback Thursday. In 2006, I went to Vietnam & Cambodia with my family. It was the first time that I had travelled further then Europe and the first time I had ever been to been to a Third World Country. 

In Southern Vietnam, the Mekong River unravels into nine sprawling rivers, forming the fertile Mekong Delta. It’s here the river rules. Daily life flows with the ever-changing waters, fisheries thrive during the annual flood and rice fields are quickly dug as the waters recede.

The towns bustle with vendors trading their fresh produce, an endless flow of river traffic passing through daily. Veer off into a smaller stream and you’ll find orchards, Buddhist temples and family homes clinging to the banks of the river.

This was 11 years ago and the first time I had the opportunity to photograph another culture. 


Travel Photography- India from Mumbai to the Taj Mahal

You've already read about my wildlife adventures in India. While Traveling we spent a lot of time driving from place to place. 2-3 hours on average. While traveling I took the opportunity to capture the beautiful towns we passed through along the way. Thank you Tour My India for the amazing Adventure! 


Lions, Tigers, and Bears... Oh My! -Adventures in India

Last March Jason and I took a last minute wildlife adventure to India to see Tigers in their Natural Habitat. As I always do I researched different wildlife safari's in India. I came across this absolutely fabulous company Tour My India . I was reading through their different safari's and found a tour to see Lions... Lions in India. Now, I knew that Lions lived in Africa but had no idea that they were in India. You learn something new everyday. The Lions in India are called Asiatic lion and they are endangered largely because of hunting by humans after firearms became widespread. While the subspecies once ranged through Europe, the Middle East and India, it now only occupies a relatively small area of dry deciduous forest in Western India in Gir National Forest. 

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