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"I never knew of a morning in Africa that I did not wake up Happy... " - Ernest Hemingway

For the past 7 years I have travelled the world photographing beautiful wildlife, landscapes, and people. In 2019, I decided it was time to share these adventures with others! It was such a wonderful experience watching strangers feel how I feel when I see wildlife in their own environment.

My tours have been carefully curated for the best of the best wildlife experiences. These are absolute bucket list trips with the ultimate photographic opportunities. We started out tours in Africa in 2019 and will be adding more Africa tours in 2020.

I will be offering Photography classes and assistances throughout the tours. Our guides have worked with photographers before and know how to line the trucks up to get the best shots. We are traveling in small groups of 4-5 plus myself and the guide so that everyone has their own window and area to shoot out of. 

Going to Africa is not cheap so I wanted to make sure that I put everything that you will love into one trip. Just in case you can't get back to Africa. You will... But just in case. 

2020 Wildlife Photography Trips 

You can click on the tour to find out more! All your accommodations and meals are included. 

Flights to and from are Additional


Ultimate Kenya Photography Tour

January 2020- Coming Soon

5 Spots Only 



Ultimate Uganda - Trek with Primates

January 2020- Uganda Primates & The Big 5 - Coming Soon

8 Spots Only 


Tanzania Migration Photography Tour

February 4-13 -

Find out what it’s like to be literally surrounded by millions of animals. From big cats to tiny little bits we will have an opportunity to photograph them all!

5 Spots Only 

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